After a scorching summer heat, the monsoon season has finally arrived. This season exceptionally refreshes us with pleasant rains and offers us much-required relief from the long, hot summer. Although monsoons bring an abundance of refreshments and satisfaction, the season causes one of the most critical problems in our lives- hair-related issues like dandruff, oily & itchy scalp, brittle & frizzy hair, and hair fall. In fact, our hair loss problems increase up to 250 or more hair strands daily during the monsoon season, which remains confined to 50-60 hair strands in other seasons.


High humidity and moisture in monsoons turn our scalp into a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections. The season makes our roots weaker and leads to an oil and greasy scalp as the humidity robs our scalp of natural oils. Additionally, when rainwater comes in contact with our scalp and tresses, it harms our hair. Being acidic in nature, rainwater collects impurities and dirt from the environment that further affects the pH balance of our scalp and makes our hair rough, frizzy, and brittle. 


Dr Sanchit Sharma, Founder & MD, Ayouthveda says, “With hair loss and damage issues immensely troubling us and peaking during the monsoons, people should choose the correct way to deal with the problem with Ayurveda Medical Science.” 

Switch to ayurvedic sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Ayurvedic herb-enriched shampoo and conditioners are incredibly gentle on the scalp as they are devoid of harsh chemicals like SLS, Parabens, and Sulphates. Natural shampoos are one-stop solutions for long, healthy, and lustrous hair as they are made of essential herbal botanicals like Reetha, Triphala, Shikakai, etc., nourishing juices like Aloe Vera, Onion, Lemon, etc., and nourishing oils like Rosemary, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus. We can enjoy grease-free & dandruff-free hair & scalp, nourishing & hydrated hair with no breakage, better hair density & texture, and healthy hair growth with strengthened hair follicles by using an ayurvedic anti-hair fall shampoo.

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On the other hand, conditioners nourish and repair split ends and rejuvenate our hair. During the rainy season, we should shampoo and condition our tresses at least twice or thrice a week to strengthen the hair strands and we must remember to naturally dry our hair after every wash, as external heat from hair dryers can worsen our hair condition.
The best way to naturally condition hair according to Ayurveda is by following a shiroabhayanga or oiling routine with protein-rich oil to treat falling, frizzy, and unmanageable hair

While thoroughly cleansing the hair is the key, we should equally prioritize strengthening our hair from the inside out. Ayurvedic protein-rich hair oil has a composition of a highly potent blend of natural oils like almond & herbal extracts that help to keep our scalp strong, provide deep nourishment, shine & strength, and a flawless hair texture. Such oils are also free of Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP), and safe for coloured or treated hair by boosting our blood circulation on the scalp.